ourhound (pronounced as ‘ou-ou’) is an online platform that provides direction. Unlike the conventional online & offline maps, we provide step-by-step photo directions for the users instead. Users will no longer have to skim through forums or different website just to get to a single location. ourhound also provides a search engine that allows users to search for places of interest and popular must-try dishes.

Be a Contributor!

Travel, upload photos and be rewarded!

ourhound gives travelers an opportunity to earn while traveling. Simply upload genuine photo directory whenever and wherever you are! Earn up to SGD2 per contribution. Learn more on how you can contribute to our listing and earn extra cash for your trip!

How to become a contributor?

If you know an awesome place and you know how to get there in the simplest and dummy proof way. That's it!

Step 1:

Check if that particular place is listed on ourhound.

Step 2:

Do your research on how to get there and provide the most convenient & popular form of travel.

Step 3:

Begin your first photo with the name of the train station or any prominent landmark.

Step 4:

Take photos as you are walking towards your destination. Try to avoid the faces of passerby, vehicle numbers and any restricted areas.

Step 5:

Upload your photos onto our platform and give the photos a suitable description.

Step 6:

Include all necessary
information (if any).